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Vero Moda Chiffon One Sleeve Dress

Vero Moda Chiffon One Sleeve Dress

Top of the Q!!!

Hot colours such as strong and powerful blues, oranges and green should help you make an immediate impression.

For girls who want to hit the clubs with something outlandish, this number will get you to the top of the queue, no questions asked!!! This has the wow factor.

Though most sensible people wouldn’t touch orange, you can see why this exception makes sense.

The off-the-shoulder feature  allows for high sex appeal whilst the silky finish will give you the sophistication and glamour of a lady.

Vera  Moda Chiffon dress from


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Party Hot Blues

See the Gucci belt in action here. This Gucci dress represents a new trend this summer.

This can be worn to a Prom or to a meal with someone special to somewhere special.




Evening Wear

La Petite Salope Draped Jersey Dress

La Petite Salope Draped Jersey Dress

Gucci belt with tassels and dark bamboo detail.

Gucci belt with tassels and dark bamboo detail.

This is a fantastic look. Almost panther like.  So slick, so smooth.  I love it.  This dress can worn just like this but what about pairing it with this glamorous belt from Gucci.

If this is not quite your thing and you prefer the chillaxed look, wear this Salvatore dress loose and liberated.

This look can be easily replicated on the high street this summer.  Have a look at Asos for ideas.

Draped Jersey Dress from

Belt from Gucci


Day Wear

For this summer Matalan and Dorothy Perkins have new dresses and playsuits. Trending this season are bold and beautiful floral prints – the smaller flower has been replaced with a more audacious bold look.

Multi coloured floral print bandeau jumpsuit

Dorothy Perkins Play Suit

Matalan 50s Sky Bloom Prom Dress

Matalan Sundress

Summer Fashion

This season’s dress is sensual, stylish and silk. It’s easy to put it on and make you feel comfortable every thing you do or every where you go. Silk follows your every command, contour your shape and is easy to wear.  Silk chiffon is hot on the high street today.


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We are looking for new styles for the summer season. What you think for new season? What’s new on the catwalk??? The catwalk says that we will still love flowers this summer but the gonna have to be big floral prints!!!!

Fashionable New Season

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This is a new blog, delivering new and fresh ideas on what trending this season.  This site should be used as a free fashion consultancy zone.  It will provide you with many links to other websites which have the designs but at affordable prices.  I hope this will be used as an area for visitors to exchange ideas and tell others where these trends are being featured. Stop and share your fashion ideas. Stop and tell me what you think!